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Sari's Road Trip [DRAFT]

Posted: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 by

Today is the day that Sari and Robert leave on their 9-day road trip. She'll be driving from here to Ohio and then flying back a week from Sunday. Quite the trip. She's a bit nervous but I think she'll do fine. "So what are you doing while she's gone," I hear you ask?

  Playing host for my parents while they wait for the air to clear in their home from the floors being refinished.  Playing lots of music with Jeremy, Matt and <a href="">Ross</a>  Catching up on some projects around the house.I'm pretty funny about free time. When I don't have it I'm always complaining about not having it but when I do finally have it for an extended period I find, more often than not, I have no idea what to do with myself. Hopefully I'll have productive and fun week this time around.Now playing: <a href="">Maroon 5 - Back At Your Door</a>via <a href="">FoxyTunes</a>

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