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FXM: The story so far... [DRAFT]

Posted: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 by

I posted recently about getting a promotion at Amazon and how different the new position is compared to my old position. I started my fifth week with my new team, called FXM for Fulfillment Exception Management, and thought I'd give a brief update. Week #Activities% of tasks for new team1Wrap up chores from previous position0%2AWS Hack Attack class5%3Finish job management system migration100%4Stability Week - Made sure stuff that needed monitoring was monitored, cleaned up some code, migrated a system or 2.100%Without getting into too much detail (maybe I already have) the stuff I did for the first two weeks on my new team had nothing to do with it. The third and fourth week went much better but I haven't written a line of code yet. Week 5 is much different. I'm actually starting a decent sized coding project so I should feel more like a developer by Friday! :)One last observation before I wrap up this post. In my last position I was in a large room with 3 or 4 other guys. As the Support Engineer position is very much a "junior developer" type roll having several people in the room with different backgrounds and experiences really helps to facilitate learning and growth at the company. The problem is that it can typically be difficult to get any work done when you're constantly interrupted for help with a problem, etc. Now I'm in an office with one other guy and we're pretty much always working. The interruptions are few and far between which helps us to get more work done. Fewer "context switches" equals more work done.

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A Short Walk

Posted: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 by

This morning Amazon had an "All Hands" meeting. I thought it was at Benaroya Hall so I took my normal bus downtown and it conveniently dropped me off right outside the Hall. Upon arrival I quickly noticed that the normal throng of people outside was just that; normal. No Amazonians in sight.

Checking my trusty iPhone I was dismayed to discover that it was actually at the Paramount Theater!I walked quickly through several city blocks downtown and eventually ran into the migrating masses of Amazonians headed to the theater. On the way I ran into something curious; a smell. Yes, a smell, a pleasant smell by the way. Not just any smell. A smell that reminded me of walking through the streets of Paris . I'm not sure what it was that I was smelling. Pipe smoke? Fresh baked... stuff? It doesn't matter really. I love the fact that something as simple as a smell can trigger memories for me (for us) so overwhelmingly.

Unfortunately it was also a sobering reminder that it will be a year next month that we went to Paris and London. Time to plan another trip. The travel bug is starting to bite again!

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