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Caleb in a Movie?! [DRAFT]

Posted: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 by

We talked to Caleb tonight (Sari's cousin) and he asked us if he could stay with us when he comes to town with his band at the end of this month. Oh yeah... he's in this heavy-metal band that's actually doing well enough to tour. He's going to be touring from Mexico to Canada over the summer. In the mean time he's hitting Seattle for two shows. Here are some videos of them performing: Delay the Burial Video #1 Delay the Burial Video #2 Delay the Burial Video #3 That was a bit of a tangent... It turns out that not only is he a member of an up-and-coming band but he's also starred in a movie that was filmed late last year in his home-town of Gresham, OR! The movie's called How to Breathe and it's apparently going to be playing at the Seattle International Film Festival! I wasn't able to find the movie on the site but as soon as I do I'll post an update.

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