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Fun with the Oil Furnace [DRAFT]

Posted: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 by

I was at home Friday night and noticed that the house was starting to get cold. I didn't really think about it until later on when I tried to turn the heat up and have nothing happen. The whole "you need to put oil in your oil furnace" thing had finally caught up with me We moved into our new house last July and ever since I had been putting off organizing an oil company to come fill up our tank regularly. When the tank dried up so did our heat.Back in September we had a company called Rossoe accidentally (on purpose) deliver some oil to our house meaning to deliver it to our neighbors. Needless to say I wasn't too impressed with how that whole situation went down. Unfortunately as it was a Saturday they were they only companies able to help us out. I've been determined not to use them for our oil company but as my pride comes second to a warm home I swallowed it and called them up. They filled our oil tank Saturday afternoon and when we got home from dinner and a play we were able to reset the furnace and have a warm house again.For those of you out there that have an oil furnace take my advice. Don't let it dry up. It sucks!

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