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American Dreams commercial free... at a price [DRAFT]

Posted: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 by

Sunday night, as usual, Sari and I sat down to watch our favorite show, American Dreams. We were especially excited about it this week, not only because of what was going to happen on the show but the fact that "commercial interruption" was to be limited because of a sponsorship from Ford. What I didn't realize was that no commercials came at a cost. Throughout the show there were pictures of old Mustangs with the Ford logo near them; on trucks, the back of magazines, on TVs that were on, everywhere. It was actually kind of fun to notice all the blatent advertising that was barfed all over the show. One character even asked, "Hey Jack, have you seen that new Ford Mustang?" The grand conclusion of the show was J.J. Pryer being given a brand new Mustang as his reward for coming home from Vietnam unscathed. Cheesy but he deserved it. The only commercial that was played was when the show was finally over. Ford had apparently been given about five minutes worth of air time to advertise their new Mustang (imagine that). The story was essentially the same as American Dreams. A young man finally comes home from war and as a result gets a new Mustang. It was like watching the American Dreams episode over again but during present day America. Don't get me wrong the message that was being communicated was very noble; so noble in fact that I agree with it (support our troops, stay safe, etc) it just amazed me how far a company will go to advertise their product.

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