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The Coffee [DRAFT]

Posted: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 by

Day five and we're still going. Though we've foregone the usual touristy stuff we're still finding plenty to do. With our hotel booking we were given vouchers for a complimentary continental breakfast along with an island orientation. It was the exact same presentation, in the exact same place (our hotel), with the exact same person doing it. We pretty much did it for the free coffee, pineapple and pastries. Everything being offered was either too expensive, uninteresting or we had already done it. We did pick up some good pointers for some sites we hadn't seen yet though.We'd been mostly hanging out on the north side of the island so we decided to give the south side a go. We pretty much drove until we found some interesting spots. We drove through Hanepeppe and past the road to Waimea canyon before finally turning around.On the way back towards Kapa'a we stopped at the Kauai Coffee Plantation and tasted some delicious, hot coffee in 87 degree heat. Yummy. We also wanted to check out some stuff in Poi'pu since we hadn't explored the town very much. We made it to a small market on the west side of town which was also the site of the Spouting Horn which is essentially a chunk of volcanic rock that sits above the water. There's a small hole that goes from the under side of the rock at about the water level out of the top of the rock. When waves come in it causes water to be sprayed into the air. I'd seen it on TV but it truly didn't do it any justice. It was really cool. I have video of it which I'll post when I get back.By this time Sari and I were very hot and sick of driving and so decided to go for a swim. We figured we might as well give the beaches at Poi'pu another try since we were already there. The water was a lot more calm than it was the other day so threw on our suits and went for a snorkel. We saw lots of new fish but unfortunately we forgot to get a new underwater camera. We plan on going snorkeling one last time tomorrow so hopefully we'll end up with some reasonable pictures.We had had a pretty long day at this point so we decided to call it quits, retiring to our room and wrapping up the evening by watching "The 100 Greatest Songs of the Eighties" on VH1. Stupid addictive TV.

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