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The Exploration [DRAFT]

Posted: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 by

Today started out quietly (though I imagine most Kaua'ian days do). We're still not quite over the time change. Initially it was 3 hours behind but now it's 2 because of daylight savings time. The good news is that it makes the days feel longer. Around 9 we went for a quick snorkel again as we can't seem to get enough of it. We then went for a short adventure north to Annini beach. On the way we stopped at Bubba's burgers as it's been suggested to us several times.We've already seen most of the main sights of the northern part of the island so we were eager to see the extra stuff. Annini beach was beautiful and spread across several miles. The rain, as it did yesterday, would pour for about 15 or 20 minutes and then the sun and heat would come out again.We ended the day with a quick dinner at Taco Bell (the finest in Hawaiin fair) and then decided to go on a little drigin adventure. On the way back to the hotel we turned down a side street to try and get closer to the mountainous center of the island. We drove through lots of neighborhoods and eventually entered a very lush area of the island. We drove slowly down a single lane road and ended up getting close enough to where we could see several waterfalls and the sides of the mountains in great detail.We eventually came across somebody trying to back down the road and that coupled with a dog trying to jump into Sari's window signaled the end of our adventure as far as we were concerned.

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