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England tickets booked at last! [DRAFT]

Posted: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 by

I've been putting it off for months but I finally finished booking our tickets to England for next May. We've been wanting to go to Europe for a while now and Sari's never gone. May will be a good lull in our schedules and life so it's a prime opportunity. We used some of our air miles to pay for one of the tickets and it was an absolute bear to get through the purchase. Because we could only afford to pay for one ticket with our miles we had to purchase the other ticket with cash. Because they don't let you do that through Alaska's partner line I had to find a date that worked for both the mileage plan purchase and on British Airway's website (the airline we'll be flying). This turned into about 7 calls over the course of 3 days but I finally managed to find dates that worked for BA, Alaska, Sari and I. Disaster avoided.Apart from the arrival and departure dates we don't have any plans set in stone but we are planning on visiting as much of my extended family as possible, most of which I haven't seen since the 8th grade. We'll also be visiting Paris for a week which will be nice. Time to brush up and hopefully use my French skills. :)

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