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The Arrival [DRAFT]

Posted: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 by

We arrived Kauai at about 8pm and it had already gotten very dark. It took us about an hour to get our luggage, get our rental car (an Impalla) and then find our hotel. We're staying at the Aloha Beach Hotel on the east side of the island and the town of Kapa'a. We originally had a regular room but for some reason they upgraded us to a cabana near the water. It's like a little apartment detached from the hotel. It's very cozy.We woke up this morning to a rooster crowing at the sun at about 7:30. We got ready and went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast; just a simple buffet with all the usual stuff. we sat outside on their patio while we ate and watched storm clouds roll in from the ocean. The morning started off calmly but we were hit with a sudden downpour while eating so we had to move inside. The walk back to our room was a wet but warm one.The rain continued for about 10 or 15 minutes before slowing down a bit; and me without a rain jacket. We went to five different stores before we finally found a decent jacket at K-Mart. The downpours came and went several times throughout the day but they never lasted more than a few minutes.We eventually developed a craving to do some snorkeling so we rented some equipment for the week and did some in our hotel's backyard. They have a large swimming enclosure that was perfect for the first snorkel on our trip.We ended the evening being treated to a lightening storm. I tried to get some footage of the fireworks but my camera wouldn't pick it up. Oh well.

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