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Concerns over iPod nano Being Too Thin... [DRAFT]

Posted: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 by

I'm not quite sure how to summarize this one so I'll just steal a quote from the article itself... The iPod Nano joins a long line of negative cultural stereotypes, including the Barbie doll, the stick insect and Lindsey Lohan. While the comparison may not be entirely fair (the iPod is a far better actor), there is no doubt that the tech industry is fuelling an unhealthy trend with its ceaseless "thin and light" gimmickry. And while the original iPod was once considered slender, the release of the somewhat-slinkier Nano has made it look like a veritable beefcake. As one iPod owner explains, "I used to think my iPod was attractive, but now I realize it’s morbidly obese."He made some very good points.Is the iPod nano Too Thin?

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