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World of Warcraft [DRAFT]

Posted: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 by

I posted a while ago about joining the beta of a game called World of Warcraft. The testing went very well and as of a week ago the game was released. I was lucky enough to be among one of the first 200,000 to play the game upon release. You read right... 200,000. 250,000 were sold all around the world on the first day of release. As a result the game servers were packed. The first two days were crazy. You couldn't go anywhere in the virtual world without running into hundreds of other players. Because of the demand for the game the server's would frequently grind to a halt causing all sorts of problems. Blizzard started with about 41 servers in the U.S. alone but quickly added 34 more servers to balance the load. Although there were a few hiccups at launch all the problems seem to be sorted out for the most part and it has been a very enjoyable and exciting gaming experience. Considering the host of problems that have plagued the launch of MMORPGs in the past I'd say that this has been an incredibly successful launch. Blizzard's tech support has been working on the game around the clock to make sure that every player has a great experience. It seems they've done it again. Here's a review of the game to get an idea of how great it is.

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